miércoles, 18 de junio de 2008

VESPERIAN SORROW- Regenesis Creation (2006)

2.Invisible Kingdom
3.Imprisoned in Gurdon
4.Regenesis Creation
5.Quest of the Exiled
7.The Forever Vortex

Symphonic Black Metal desde Estados Unidos ,banda formada en 1996 .
Aca su ultimo disco muy recomendado...


EXECRATION- A Feast for the Wretched (2008)

2.Embedded in Gore
3.Retard Strength
4.Combined Nuclei
5.Implements of Insanity
6.Full Fist Sodomy
7.Monkey Shit
8.Brutal Suppression
9.Penetration Butchery

Primer y gran disco de estos brutales de USA.

HINDVIR-Roth Cingetos Taxonaria (2008)

1.Howl of the Iron Bells
2.Hymn of the Black Legions
3.The Evening Lights
4.Caballus Divina
5.All Hail the Tyrant
6.Horns Raised
7.Fields of Anger
8.Galia Bardus
9.Beyond the Stars
10.Roth Cingetos Taxonaria
11.Tears of the Gods

Primer disco de estos Franceses Black metal.



SUMMONING-Dol Guldur (1996)

1.Angbands Schmieden
2.Nightshade Forests
4.Khazad Dúm
6.Wyrmvater Glaurung
7.Unto a Long Glory...
8.Over Old Hills



lunes, 16 de junio de 2008


1.Straight To Hell
2.The Power And The Glory
3.Hand Of God
4.Fall From Grace
6.Evil Perfection
7.Stab U In The Back
9.Kill The Music
10.Evilution Devilution
11.Blood Sky
12.USA For Satan
13.Dirge/The Awakening
Ultimo discos de los padres del black metal
ORPHANED LAND-Mabool(2004)

1. Birth Of The Three (The Unification)
2. Ocean Land (The Revelation)
3. The Kiss Of Babylon (The Sins)
4. A'salk
5. Halo Dies (The Wrath Of God)
6. A Call To Awake (The Quest)
7. Building The Ark
8. Norra El Norra (Entering The Ark)
9. The Calm Before The Flood
10. Mabool (The Flood)
11. The Storm Still Rages Inside
12. Rainbow (The Resurrection)

BRUTALLICA-A Tribute To Metallica

1. Intro
2. The Four Horsemen
3. Escape
4. Battery
5. The Thing Should Not Be
6. Fight Fire With Fire
7. Welcome Home
8. Phantom Lord
9. One
10. The Call of Ktulu
11. No Remorse
12. Motorbreath
13. Metal Militia
14. Damage, Inc.

Para mi gusto es el mejor tributo que he escuchado de METALLICA .

BISHOP OF HEXEN-Archives of an Enchanted Philosophy(1997)

1.Crossing The Borders Between Light And Darkness
2.The Surreal Touch Between Steel And Flesh
3.Lure My Spelled Emotions
4.Wading Through Sensuous Journeys
5.When A Witch Becomes A Pale Bride
6.Diaries Of Primeval Tragedies
7.To Begin The Quest Towards The Noble Dark Cause
8.The Fascinating Installment Of Triumph

Muy buen disco de esta banda de Israel , practican un Symphonic black metal .



BOOK OF BLACK EARTH- The Feast(2006)

1.May Your God Deny You
2.Occult Machinery
3.Let Us Worship the Dead
4.Serve the Adversary
5.Agents of Destruction
6.In Hatred and Misery
7.The Dawn of Industry
Black Death metal desde Estados Unidos .

jueves, 5 de junio de 2008

DYLATH-LEEN- Semeïon (2008)

1.Buy me a smile
2.Adorning wounds
4.Leering sky
5.Frozen reflect in a broken mirror
6.So ill-fated
7.Scars as victories
8.My worldly goods
11.In memory of those Halcyon days
Banda desde Francia ,Atmospheric Death Metal muy buen disco , en las voces Kathy Coupez y Igor Landorique .
TORTURER- The Flames Of Purification (2003)

1.Intro / The Flames of Purification
2.Bestia Omnipotente
3.Into the Labyrinth
4.Silence by My Own Blood
5.Psycho (Back to the Reality, Part II)
6.Santa Inquisición
7.Sadus Attack (Sadus cover)
8.Burning the Cross

Unas de las gran bandas Chilenas, aca este discaso muy bueno con dos temas en español. Death/Thrash Metal chileno recomendado...!!


NAZGUL- De Expugnatione Elfmuth (2002)

2.Hult-Garth (Qui Inferorum Animas Excitat)
4.Dies festi...
5.In Summis Montibus
6.Nigrum Praesagium
7.Impetus Quartae Lunae Novae
8.Caelum Obscuratur
9.Legio Draconorum Orkian
10.Natura Cadit
11.Charcharon (Damnosus Impetus)
12.Solvitur Ad Elfmuth (Ante Bellum)
13.Bellum (Humanes Resistentes Superavit)

Excelente disco de estos Italianos , con un Folk Black Metal
muy rapido y brutal.
LORD BELIAL - Enter The Moonlight Gate (1997)

1.Enter the Moonlight Gate
2.Unholy Spell of Lilith
3.Path with Endless Horizons
5.Black Winter Blood-Bath
6.Forlorn in Silence
7.Belial – Northern Prince of Evil
8.Realm of a Thousand Burning Souls, Part 1